Papal WarsawPapal Warsaw is a guide to the places in Warsaw where John Paul II met his compatriots; it is an attempt to look at the Capital the way that the Holy Father would want her to be seen: as a city of glorious and often painful historical experiences, a city of many denominations and characteristic traditions, a city of eminent and holy people.

It is also a way of revealing the many charms of Warsaw through which we can travel with John Paul II as our guide, who not only knows the interesting nooks and crannies but is also capable of noticing their multidimensional beauty.

Each chapter entails a short note about the location and information on John Paul II presence there as well as on those who participated in those meetings, accompanied by many interesting facts and details). The texts are illustrated with photographs that capture the very spirit of those momentous moments. The guide includes a map with clearly marked locations of all the places discussed in Papal Warsaw.

Papal WarsawThis little book not only will help you to get to know Warsaw better but will provide you with a specific key – a Papal key – that will lead you to ponder on the vast realm of the multidimensional teaching of the Pope and the historical and cultural richness of Poland. This is indeed a unique and unforgettable invitation to go on a wonderful journey through history and time on the Polish and Papal paths through the Capital City of Warsaw.

Join us on this wonderful adventure! 

Cuda Jana Pawła IIMiracles of John Paul II, originally written in Polish, has become a religious bestseller in Poland. In this book Zuchniewicz presents a compelling witness to the power of prayer and of the miracles that have occurred through the intervention of John Paul II – miracles that were already taking place during the lifetime of the Pontiff.

he book answers the needs of the contemporary reader and accurately conveys the charisma of John Paul II. It is a fascinating read.

Already the following day after the funeral of the Polish Pope, Italian Cardinal Francesco Marchisano publicly proclaimed that he had been cured thanks to the prayers of John Paul II. Many more such examples surfaced. Over the 27-year pontificate of John Paul II, thousands of personal prayer requests came in from all over the world. These requests would be placed at the Holy Father's kneeler. The Pope often reached in and presented to God these testimonies of human suffering and concerns. Many who knew Karol Wojtyla when he was still Archbishop of Krakow have attested to his strength of prayer.

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