Cuda Jana Pawła IIMiracles of John Paul II, originally written in Polish, has become a religious bestseller in Poland. In this book Zuchniewicz presents a compelling witness to the power of prayer and of the miracles that have occurred through the intervention of John Paul II – miracles that were already taking place during the lifetime of the Pontiff.

he book answers the needs of the contemporary reader and accurately conveys the charisma of John Paul II. It is a fascinating read.

Already the following day after the funeral of the Polish Pope, Italian Cardinal Francesco Marchisano publicly proclaimed that he had been cured thanks to the prayers of John Paul II. Many more such examples surfaced. Over the 27-year pontificate of John Paul II, thousands of personal prayer requests came in from all over the world. These requests would be placed at the Holy Father's kneeler. The Pope often reached in and presented to God these testimonies of human suffering and concerns. Many who knew Karol Wojtyla when he was still Archbishop of Krakow have attested to his strength of prayer.

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